Creating high-quality games that tell incredible stories and place the player into some of the most amazing moments is our passion. Located in Austin, TX, Kingdom Games set off on a journey of epic storytelling, player immersion and deep character development that began in 2013.

To best deliver the Kingdom Games unique blend of creativity and innovation, we place the game industry’s latest technology in the hands of an exceptional team consisting of some of the world’s most talented and inventive game creators. Each committed to delivering an authentic gaming experience, from the very first script and initial concept pieces to the finished work of the modelers, animators, and designers. At Kingdom Games, we develop exhilarating experiences for every generation of gamer.


Kingdom Games was formed in 2013 to create the excellent role-playing game series FIVE, later expanding. Our core team of seasoned pros are awesome. Privately owned and operated by industry veterans, Kingdom continues the tradition of creating innovative games on today’s modern platforms, including console and VR. Kingdom Games partners with a variety of publishers and investors and offers flexible development solutions for a wide range of projects.


REAL IMPACT: Truth is stranger than fiction. That is more than a cliché for us. At Kingdom Games, we know the greatest stories ever told impact real people. Great stories give us pause to think and consider our choices and way of life. It isn’t enough for us to just tell a relevant and compelling story with real world applicability. Our goal is to place players in a realistic environment where they may rise to the occasion and demonstrate true heroism through service, honor, and strength of spirit.
GAMING CRAFTSMEN, Crafting Amazing Worlds: We intend to play fairly with you, our customers, partners, and fans. By creating exhilarating games through technical excellence in art, design, and programming you will know what to expect for yourself and your family from Kingdom Games. That’s our promise to you. Regardless of the product, we strive for every story and game we publish to deliver on our promise of artistic and technical excellence with an impact that engages game players of all ages. This time and every time.
QUALITY – Fairness – Integrity: What we do at Kingdom Games can affect employees, parents, families, and the gaming industry. Each day we keep that in the forefront and commit ourselves to developing game stories and concepts that help equip families to flourish amidst today’s challenges. Every one of our games provides exhilarating and great entertainment and embodies true to life principles while being relatable to every generation of gamer.


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