Top 5 games to cure summer boredom

Don’t waste your summer away; there are games to play. Here’s a short list of great games to dive into over the summer to cure those boredom blues. Awesomenauts Nearing 4 years old, Awesomenauts [...]


A day in the life: Quality Assurance Tester

The most frequent thing I get asked as a twenty-four year old is, “So what do you do?”. It’s been asked so many times that I know to expect it, and for a while I used the same canned response [...]


FIVE: Questions with a FIVE Guy: Dan C, Game Designer

When did you start working in games? I’ve done everything from delivering pizzas to working as a mechanical drafter. I always had an interest in game design, and I would make my own smaller [...]


FIVE Questions with a FIVE GUY: Stephen Daniele, Art Director

This week we sat down with the charismatic streamer/art director/concept artist/world builder extraordinaire Stephen Daniele, to learn how he went from art student to Art Director for Kingdom [...]


Education of the Future


FIVE Questions with a FIVE Guy Bill Kirkman, Lead Combat Designer

This week we sat down with our Lead Combat Designer, Bill Kirkman, to discuss his journey into the industry and his passion for Roguelikes. What’s your best childhood memory of gaming? My aunt [...]


Maintaining your health as a gamer

Health has been a hot topic in America for the past few years. Children’s health has become the focus of many campaigns such as the Let’s Move! campaign, introduced by Michelle Obama in 2010. For [...]


FIVE Questions with a FIVE Gal: Andrea Brogan QA/CS Manager

This week we sat down with our QA/CS Manager Andrea to discuss life as the QA Manager at Kingdom. How did you end up in the video game industry?            I’ve been playing games since I could [...]


FIVE Questions With A FIVE Guy: Eric Daniels, Director Of Marketing

This week we sat down with Eric Daniels, Director of Marketing at Kingdom games to discuss the lifestyle of working at a video game company. What brought you to Kingdom Games? I worked for over a [...]


FIVE Questions with a FIVE Guy: Lead Animator

Scot is the Lead Animator here at Kingdom Games. This week we sat down with him to gain some insight into why he chose to work in the gaming industry. When did you know you were going to get into [...]

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