Top 5 games to cure summer boredom

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Don’t waste your summer away; there are games to play. Here’s a short list of great games to dive into over the summer to cure those boredom blues.



Nearing 4 years old, Awesomenauts continues to deliver free and paid content updates to keep 2D-MOBA fans coming back for more. With the latest paid DLC introducing 3 new champions, map changes, and a new level, Ronimo has breathed even more life into their endlessly playable competitive masterpiece.


Recommended for: competitive players, Saturday morning cartoon fans, platforming experts, and MOBA-players



Enter the Gungeon

Devolver’s first non-early access release of 2016 brought Enter the Gungeon, a bullet-hell dungeon-crawling hybrid. It’s fantastic, addictive, and extremely challenging. Choose your champion and dive into the dungeon, dodge-rolling past billions of bullets. Gun upgrades and abundant ammo lie in chests and secret rooms.

Tread carefully though, health and armor are limited; you will lose a lot. The arcade challenge feels amazing though. If you die, it’s your fault, and you will learn to do better on the next run.


Recommended for: dungeon crawlers, precision players, challenge masochists, and indie fanatics





Blizzard’s first new IP in nearly 20 years is Overwatch, a competitive multiplayer shooter reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. Calling it a blast would be an understatement (and a pun). Each of Overwatch’s heroes feels unique, tight, and characterized. Every step and shot feels important; one misstep and you’re going to get taken out.

Endlessly replayable, insane amounts of loot progression, and 6-player parties make Overwatch the ultimate cure for lazy summer days. You have to work those reflexes!

Recommended for: competitive players, twitch-shooters, cooperative parties, and customization geeks


2_4Ratchet and Clank

If you missed the recently released movie, then you must play the game based on the story. A remake/re-imagining of the original Ratchet and Clank has had fans drooling for years. The game plays like a culmination of everything that the series has done right: epic boss fights, insane weapon progression, and a great sense of humor.


The game is tight and perfectly approachable


Recommended for: story lovers, platforming experts, humor hounds, nostalgic types, and completionists


Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake fans rejoice! The next entry in the Uncharted series is here just in time for summer. Another world traveling, treasure hunting, ruin exploring adventure awaits players. With excellent voice acting (starring everyone’s favorite, Nolan North), Hollywood-quality cut scenes, and an epic story to tell, there is ample here for gamers to enjoy this summer.

If you’re looking for a summer blockbuster, not playing in theatres, Uncharted 4 is your pick.

Recommended for: story lovers, cover-shooters, tomb raiders, and treasure hunters


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