Anarchy throughout the galaxy has forced all pilots to kill or be killed. The stars are a savage battlefield where only the best will survive. Claim your rightful place as the top captain in free-for-all combat.

Starfighter X is an arcade-style space shooter akin to classics such as Asteroids. Take on your role as an intergalactic fighter pilot and compete in a variety of game modes – in single player scoring mode, multi-player free-for-all deathmatches, or the shrinking battlefield of Battle Royale mode. Collect resources, such as Metal and Data, to create new modules for your ships. Upgrade engines, weapons, shields and other components to equip your starfighters for battle. Unlock new starfighters as they become available- from quick agile scout fighters, to heavy cruiser battleships. Host and customize your match, or join one hosted by another pilot using seamless matchmaking. Configure a variety of options in each match, such as game mode, hazards (black holes!), asteroids and space stations. Maintain and advance your place on world-wide leaderboards in your pursuit to claim the title of Starfighter X.

Cool Space Arenas and Music: numerous beautiful space arenas and fun music accompany each battle
Competitive Multi-Player: up to 8 players can compete in a match to determine supremacy
Leaderboards: world-wide leaderboards will chronicle the fight to obtain the title of Starfighter X
Variety of Ships: from light scout fighters to heavy cruisers, choose the ship type that suits your style
Modify Your Ships: replace ship modules, such as engines, shields, and weapons, as you collect resources
Customize Your Match: choose the number of players, game mode, asteroid density, and other factors of your hosted match
Game Modes: Single Player, Battle Royale, or Free-for-all deathmatch modes, with new game modes planned
Space Hazards: Asteroids, black holes, alien AI, and other space hazards
Controller Support: easily use your controller to pilot your starfighters

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