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AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thoughtful gaming leader Kingdom Games today announced the creation of its signature game, FIVE: Guardians of David, set for release this fall. FIVE is an action-packed, single-player RPG (role-playing game) made for desktop PC. It chronicles the rise and reign of King David through the eyes of his elite bodyguards. Gamers can enjoy compelling graphics and unique full-party gameplay while exploring ancient lands and experiencing this biblical story first hand.

“While players will use a familiar game-play format, FIVE: Guardians of David allows even those knowledgeable of the story to experience it in a new way.”

Rooted in an ancient narrative, FIVE gives an accurate historical account of the life and times of the Bible during the approximate years of 1000 to 960 B.C. Five bodyguards of King David are on a mission to unite the region under the Israelites. Players are put in direct control of the five (Abishai, Benaiah, Eleazar, Shammah and Jashobeam) as they take on ravenous hordes of enemies such as the Philistines, Amalekites, and Ammonites while experiencing ancient trade cities, racing through barren deserts and facing foes in the dark forest.

“We’re telling a story that’s never been told in this medium before,” said Mike Madden, Director of Development for Kingdom Games. “While players will use a familiar game-play format, FIVE: Guardians of David allows even those knowledgeable of the story to experience it in a new way.”

Kingdom Games has taken great care in providing a realistic environment for players of FIVE. Meticulous research went into game design to accurately portray the smallest detail from clothing to the arms and armor of the era. Players travel across the lands of Israel and surrounding countries in a spacious and realistic gaming environment that leaves no element ignored.

Sergio Cariello, comic book artist and illustrator of the internationally-recognized Action Bible, has provided all of the in-game story sequences in the form of comic illustrations. The music in FIVE is also carefully incorporated by talented composers at Huge Sound and Funky Rustic, both famous for the music produced in a variety of popular games such as “Lord of the Rings Online” and “Skyrim.”

Throughout the course of FIVE, the player will have access to Bible verses and other historical references. The game’s reward system is grounded in the idea of learning, and faithful actions result in benefits to the player in the forms of blessings and miracles bestowed upon them.

“FIVE: Guardians of David typifies Kingdom Games’ mission to provide an enriching experience to gamers that is both entertaining and educational,” said James Parkman, Studio Head of Kingdom Games. “Regardless of an individual’s own belief system, FIVE tells an intricately woven story that has all of the elements to make an intriguing gameplay experience for gamers everywhere: war, friendship, betrayal and courage. It is the ascendency of King David experienced like never before.”

By fall 2015, FIVE: Guardians of David will be released for use on desktop PC and available to purchase via digital download on the game’s website at For more information and to stay up to date on timely announcements and game releases, visitors should subscribe to Kingdom Games’ newsletter. Sign up at

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