Who We Are

Kingdom Games is an Austin-based entertainment software company specializing in providing high quality educational, historical, biblical, and ethical game products for young children and adults. Our titles are designed to challenge a player's knowledge as well as explore the spiritual and moral truths of our universe. We believe that gaming is not only fun, but is an invaluable way to influence the values of new generations.

We're Looking for Talent!

We are actively growing and looking for new team members. Please send us your info even if you do not see a position listed below!

DevOps Engineer - Contract Position

Kingdom Games is looking for a DevOps Engineer to help our games reach their audience.  Candidates should have strong AWS experience, placing particular importance on availability, security and performance.    
Expanded Info

Environment Artist - Contract Position (2 openings)

We are looking for a skilled Environment Artist who works closely with department leads, and the team at large, to develop environment goals and generate quality assets.  The applicant will contribute and define the art creation process from concept to completion to optimize and increase efficiencies in 3D production. The Environment Artist must exhibit a professional attitude and demonstrate a good balance between creativity with practical flexibility.    Expanded Info

Technical Gameplay Designer - Contract Position

We are looking for a position that includes both design (70%) and C# programming (30%) responsibilities. The applicant will be designing, implementing, and/or tweaking game mechanics and systems as well as keeping detailed design documentation to maintain game-wide consistency. Expanded Info

Technical Artist - Contract Position

We are looking for a highly skilled and passionate Technical Artist for our team. We are  dedicated to achieving AAA results for our current and future projects. The Technical Artist will contribute to the artistic vision and development of these products with a specialized focus on creating visually stunning FX, shader support and tools for the art team. Expanded Info

Environment Concept Artist - Contract Position

Kingdom Games is looking for a talented contract Environment Concept Artist to take the seed of an idea and flush out all aspects of the design. This may include a small prop, to a full culture kit all the way to a mood painting that defines the emotional intent of the environment and its culture.  Expanded Info

Please send resume, cover letter, and work samples to

jobs@kingdomgames.com with your job title in the subject line.


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